Yannidis Nikolaos

Yannidis K. Nikolaos

I was born in Athens in 1987 and I live in Palaio Faliro. From my teenage life I was passionate with the business operations of our family company Yannidis bros. S. A. VITEX-HERMES, a company with presence since 1932. This passion goes along with other interests, such as trips, history and interpersonal relations. I studied to learn more about business but also to understand what trade means today and through the history. The moment to share my passion with others has come.

In my first business steps I was inspired by my father, who gave me what he believes: “That the most important thing is the wiliness for hard work”. For this reason, I decided to follow his steps in the Hellenic-Chinese Chamber with high respect, as he is one of the creators of this Chamber.

In 2007, I finished my military obligation. During last year I graduated from the American College of Greece - Deree, completing the first part of my education. At the same time I started in our family company with the need for hard work in order to build value for the company and to myself as well.

The Hellenic-chinese entrepreneurship is an important business cooperator for the future of Greece and we have to strengthen it with commitment for hard work and persistence, mutually for both sides.


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